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Insurance Valuation - Why Insure Fine Art and Antiques?

   An obvious question, however, insurance companies usually demand a specific valuation for individual items over certain value, very often $1,000. The best approach in deciding what to value is to ask yourself which item do you love most and which are most vulnerable. It is often a personal choice offering peace of mind. Once the valuation has been carried out, you have a visual record of your collection and it can be revalued every three years or so, at a reasonable cost.

Probate Valuation - Division of Estate

   In estate matters, we can value and photograph the contents of a property as well as offer assistance with the disposal of items that the family does not wish to retain. In a recent valuation, a European painting relegated to a bedroom turned to have a high value, and was sent to London under our direction where it achieved a figure of $75,000, to the delighted surprise of the beneficiaries.

Family Law Valuation - Sensitive Appraisal

   We are well known among Sydney's lawyers for our prompt and professional service in this sensitive area. Our reports cover all items in a household where divorce proceedings have lead to a division of items. We can work at high speed when required, and are familiar with all current regulations of Family Laws.

Long Distance Valuation - Digital Images

   We specialize in long distance valuation via digital photographs sent by email. We are able to offer valuations for people in rural settings by cutting and pasting the
photographs they have sent in to the valuation. Many clients send us single images from which we can gauge values. Others have sent discs with the whole house-content. We also travel to all parts of New South Wales if required.

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